Working out with weights and taking protein supplements helped me bulk up my physique

Working out with weights and taking protein supplements helped me bulk up my physique

I love my body and love to maintain it in top shape all the time. My inclination to health started early in life thanks to the influence of my mother who was very strict about what we put into our mouths. She was always lecturing us on the importance of eating healthy. Often her lectures were filled with carefully implied threats and warnings of dire consequences if we did not adhere to her doctrine.

I remember she had an immersion blender that she used frequently to make all kinds of healthy fruit and salad concoctions. Many of these concoctions had an ungodly taste that would easily make one throw up. However, under the watchful supervision of our mother, we wouldn’t dare and had to struggle swallowing the whole dose. The sound of the immersion blender soon became synonymous to the sound of impending doom.

As I grew up, I came to realize that much of what my mother told us was true although much had also been exaggerated. Since it had already been instilled in me to look out for my body, I continued even in college.

However, in college I went a notch higher. While in junior and senior high school, I had not been very active in physical activities such as physical sports. I was a guru in board games and this is what I had mostly concentrated in, I was very good in them and went obliterating opponents whenever I went.

When I joined college I decided to actively engage in physical exercises. This was hugely after I realized that the guys who were prominent in sports were the ones getting all the attention from the girls. My scrawny body was not attracting a glance.

I had always had a poor appetite and all my attempts at healthy eating had not helped either. I avoided oily foods and foods rich in calories that according to my mum would slowly poison my body. I therefore did not have much chance of gaining much weight from my inactivity in physical activities and my hugely vegetarian diet.

Now that I was conspicuously aware of my unappealing gaunt self, I decided to work out more. After some thorough studies of articles over the internet, I realized that the best way to gain some weight was through weight lifting.

I started going to the school gym and started lifting weights. I was so fragile that I had to start with very light weights. After some time however, I was able to lift heavier weights. This encouraged me greatly and I became very zealous in my workouts.

I was however not gaining muscle as fast as I wanted. After more online research, I came across protein products that were available that could be used to bulk up. Being weary of awful tastes that my mother had made me associate with health portions, I was relieved to learn that there were some sweet tasting protein powders that were made thus to be more appealing to use.

After a month of using the protein powder and working out like a maniac. My body responded quite impressively. I was assured of my developments when one pretty eyed girl in my class commented of my bulked up physique.

Working out with weights and taking protein supplements helped me bulk up my physique Credit Picture License: Veggie Protein Powder via photopin cc

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