Transforming my body from being overweight to being shapely

Transforming my body from being overweight to being shapely

I have a pretty figure and I know it. I am not being boastful, I am just stating a fact that I have worked very hard to achieve. I have not always been like this. For many years I was overweight and unsightly. I did not like my weight but I liked my snacks, sweets, and soft drinks better. This was when I was still a young girl. I knew that some of the children in my school would make fun of me behind my back but no one would dare tease or mock me to my face. I was one tough kid and it did not take much to get me into a fight. I fought both girls and boys even those older than me. I had realized that I could use my size to overpower other kids.

When I got to college however things were different. Nobody was teasing me but the torture was much more than what I had experienced in my earlier schools. Everybody seemed to ignore me despite my huge presence. The boys would not acknowledge me and many of the girls stopped at polite greetings and moved on.

I realized that I was not alone. Other fat girls were resorting to forming their own groups of friends where they went on pretending that everything was okay. These coalitions made them accept their conditions and made them indulge more in unhealthy eating with no physical activities. I decided I would not join them. I found them to be a sorry sight. For once I was disgusted at my own fat self.

I decided to drop all the unhealthy foods and decided that I would start working out in the school gym. I bought some leggings to work out with and immediately started working out.

At first working out was tormenting. I was seriously unfit and after only a few minutes on the treadmill, I was panting frantically. However, I continued. Luckily, I had done some research on working out for beginners and realized that this was all part of getting fit. This also helped me in a great way to cope with muscle soreness that came after my first sessions.

The pains were very bad at first and I could hardly move any part of my body especially after the first day. However, my research had informed me that it was important not to stop when the pains came, therefore I continued. After a few days the pains abated and finally they disappeared altogether.

When the pains disappeared I started working out even more diligently. I was particularly encouraged when I realized that my body was very fast in responding to the workouts. I was improving rapidly in terms of my durability and strength.

I did not check how much weight I was losing as per the instructions from my research. After a month however, I was shocked at the amount of weight I had lost within such a short time. This gave me more drive to continue working out.

It is now ten months since I began working out and I am a very different person from the fat girl. My routine of diligently working out and eating healthy foods and health supplements has paid off beautifully.

Transforming my body from being overweight to being shapely Credit Picture License: the human body as a form via photopin cc

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