Taking care of my elderly grandparents


I live with my grandparents. I have lived with them for the past five years ever since it was evident that they needed someone to help them around. Being that I am a freelance writer, I can work from anywhere and I decided to move in and be with my grandparents.

My grandma and granddad are all individuals who have been real robust all their lives. They were very energetic and hardworking and they have achieved quite a lot due to their effort. They are still quite determined people and it is only due to their current health issues that they have finally had to slow down. They are both afflicted with arthritis. Apart from that my grandmother suffers from diabetes and my grandfather has some cataract growth in his eyes and so his sight is impaired.

However, their main problem is the arthritis because it hugely restrains their ability to move around and do as much as they were doing before. My grandmother cannot tend to her gardens which she adores and my grandfather cannot tend to his dairy goats which he loves so much. Now they have to hire people to help them with some of this duties.

The couple had been very adamant and stubborn about getting any personal help. It was clear that they were struggling but they did not want assistance. My grandmother could no longer effectively manage her gardens and my grandfather could no longer tend to his dairy goats that he loved so much. Their big house was also quite lonely and it was clear that they needed company.

They were especially against personal care from a hired health care aid since they did not want to live with a stranger. Since my work was flexible I decided to move in with them and help them out in some of their daily activities. I was especially focused on helping them in following up on the workers, running errands for them such as shopping, driving them around (since they could hardly drive themselves now), and ensuring that they fed well and took their medications.

Like many elderly people, my grandparents were reluctant in admitting that their health was failing and they were not very keen on proper diets and they were not consistent in taking their medication. Due to their poor appetites they were not also feeding as well as they were supposed to. We had tried to encourage them by buying them modern easier-to-use cooking appliances such as an electric skillet which was also safer than a traditional frying pan, and an electric pressure cooker, but we were disappointed to realize that they rarely used them.

Since they were both constantly on medication, it was important to ensure that they did not skip doses. Their personal doctor had informed us that the drugs he prescribed did not seem to be as effective on them as they should be and a likely reason for this was that my grandparents were not consistent in taking their doses. They needed someone to supervise them. They also needed someone to ensure that they took their health supplements such as the apple cider vinegar pills that they had been encouraged to take. They also needed someone who ensured that they took enough fruits and healthy salads.

Taking care of my elderly grandparents Bite Credit Picture License: Great Grand Parents via photopin cc

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