Have you heard about white tea and its health benefits?

Have you heard about white tea and its health benefits?

Modern times have brought about modern day health complications for mankind and it now necessitates man to look for alternative ways of ensuring that they can live healthy lives. One of the major ways that people can live healthy is by the use of food supplements. Since the foods that we take are short of all the nutrient content required by the body, we now need to seek for health supplements such as apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera rich concoctions, spirulina, chamomile supplements, calcium supplements, iron, folic acid, zinc, tea tree oil, and fiber supplements.

Many of these supplements are very popular and many people are aware of their benefits and have even tried them out. Have you however heard of white tea?

White tea as the name suggests is made from the tea plant however, the tea is made from tea leaves that are still immature. The leaves are picked just before the budding of the tea leaves. At this time, the buds are covered by some silver fluff that turns white when the tea is dried and hence the name white tea. White tea has an aromatic appealing taste. It contains less caffeine than green or black tea and much less caffeine as compared to coffee.

What makes the white tea stand out however is its health benefits. Below we will look at some of white tea’s health benefits:

  • Lowers cholesterol – White tea has a lot of catechins. These are antioxidants. Catechins are known to greatly reduce cholesterol.
  • Heart Protection – Today many deaths are as a result of heart complications. White tea helps prevent this by thinning the blood and hereby reducing the blood pressure. White tea also reduces cholesterol and therefore improves blood circulation. Since someone who has taken white tea has a healthy heart and a healthy blood circulation system, they are better protected against stroke.
  • Cancer protection – White tea has antioxidant components known as flavonoids that work against the development of cells that cause cancer. Not only do they inhibit the growth of cancer causing cells but they also prevent new ones from developing.
  • Weight loss – White tea is known to increase the metabolism rate and therefore an individual who regularly takes white tea will burn up fat faster than one who has not taken white tea.
  • Antibacterial and Antiviral – White tea has properties that naturally destroy bacteria and viruses found within the body. Due to the high volume of antioxidants in the white tea, the body’s immune system is strengthened. It is even known to reduce the symptoms of HIV
  • Healthy Skin – Human beings today have many free radicals in their bodies due to the poor diets that they feed on, the increased stresses of life they are subjected to, or even staying too long in the sun. These free radicals usually cause the skin to get damage and to age quickly. White tea helps to destroy the free radicals and thereby protects the skin.
  • Stronger Bones – People who take white tea frequently are found to have stronger bones. This benefits can also be found in people who suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis.
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