Dishwashing and house cleaning challenges faced by a single man

Dishwashing and house cleaning challenges faced by a single man

I am a single man. Not that I have been single all along, I am a divorcee. My wife and I separated about a year ago after we decided that it was for the good of both of us.  My wife is a lecturer in a university in Australia and I am a financial analyst working with a company here in the country. I got married to my ex-wife just after college where we had met and developed our relationship. I guess the decision was premature. As fate would have it, my wife had to go to Australia to extend her studies where she eventually became so accomplished in her field of study and the university decided to employ her even as she continued with further studies.

My work did not spare me, as a financial analyst, I am ever busy. I always have my head buried in financial calculations and meetings after meetings. As it is, we barely had time for each other. After a whole year of phone calls and emails but no physical meetings, we were finally able to meet for a weekend. It was clearly evident that we were not the same couple that had wed about two years before. Our jobs had taken first priority in both our lives.

After another period of five months apart, when we met we hardly had anything to talk about. The third time when she came over during the Christmas holidays, it was evident that the relationship could not continue. We were like strangers. We decided to separate.

The divorce did not change my life very much since for more than a year I had been living alone anyway. I had however in all this time had some hope that someday my wife would come back home. I hated cooking and cleaning and I struggled with the chores knowing that one day they would come to an end when my wife came back home. The divorce changed all this.

Many times I eat out since I hate cooking and especially cooking. The tasks take too much time and I am not a very good cook. When my wife left for Australia I bought a whole set of non-stick utensils and non-stick cookers but still I hated doing the dishes. I finally decided to buy a dish washer. It did not completely solve my dish washing problems since some of the things could not be washed in it.

House cleaning was also another major issue. It was made worse by the cat my wife had adopted when we were together. I had had to invest in a vacuum cleaner that was specially adopted to clean pet hair from seats and cushions. Immediately after the divorce, I took the cat to an orphanage after my ex’s consent. At least the issue of pet hair is now a bygone but still the dust is an issue. Living just above a busy street, the dust accumulates very fast and I have to dust the house frequently.

I am thinking of contracting the services of someone who can do my cleaning regularly. Or maybe I should look for someone whom I can marry.

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