Difficulties I experienced before buying a gift for my twin sister

Difficulties I experienced before buying a gift for my twin sister

My twin sister and I got married soon after college and we were wed at almost the same time. My sister was married three weeks after my wedding. It was quite interesting since I had to take a break from our honeymoon so as to come to attend her wedding. Our family was quite delighted at the coincidence of our marriages and the only person who was not very happy was my dad who was sad to see his two daughters whisked off so fast. He had hoped that he would have more time to spend with us after graduating from college.

The coincidences did not end there. We both had our firstborn children within the same month and they were both boys. My boy came on the 3rd of October and her son came on the 28th of October. Unfortunately this time I could not be there to be with my sister. After getting my boy I had become quite sickly and I had not fully recovered when my sister got her boy. Luckily for her, the coincidences did not continue and she did not become sickly as I had.

It is now two weeks after she got her baby boy and I am now well and strong enough. I am eager to pay her a visit and show off my son as I also see my nephew. I have planned to visit them over the weekend. My biggest problem is what gift I will buy for her. I did not want to buy her the usual stuff that people buy for people when they get babies as I knew she already had plenty of those. I knew my sister was pathetic in the kitchen and therefore I wanted to buy her something that would spice up her kitchen.

I had thought hard on what to buy her. I wanted to buy something that would be appreciated by her and her husband. I however could not decide on any one item. I knew the husband loved coffee and my sister’s favorite dish was rice. My wish was that I could buy them a coffee maker and a rice cooker. However, the cost of the items was a bit too high for me especially for the coffee maker.

I decided to go to the kitchen appliances shop and see what was available that I could buy as a present for my sister’s family. When I got to the kitchen appliance store, I was amazed at the many choices from which I had to choose. I was simply overwhelmed by the array of kitchen appliances. My heart was however still on a coffee maker and a rice cooker. I was okay with the cost of the rice cooker but was apprehensive of the prices of coffee makers.

I decided to however just have a glimpse of what they had on offer. I was amazed to see that contrary to my thinking, there were affordable coffee makers that were well within my budget. Gladly I realized that I could at the end of the day still buy my choice gifts.

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