Demystifying food supplements and their benefits

Demystifying food supplements and their benefits

Mankind today is not as strong as he was a few years back. Despite his great step forward in terms of technological advancement, man has also taken great steps backwards in other things. It is a great paradox that man can now get better health care and better and easier ways of doing things however, his life expectancy is going down in many countries. It is a wonder that there is much more and better education afforded to people yet people’s morals are becoming worse by the day.

One of the biggest problems we have today is the bad quality of food that we are feeding on today. Man is constantly feeding on food that is not only low in nutrient content necessary for the body, but he is also ingesting a lot of foods that are actually destructive to the body. There are many reasons for this but chief among them is due to the rush for cheap fast options and the penchant for food producers to want to provide more at cheaper costs.

Due to the prevalence of this problem, it has become necessary for people to turn to food supplements that can fill the nutrient gap left by the common foods. Food supplements are foods that are rich in a particular nutrient or nutrients. Some examples of food supplements include spirulina, chamomile, ganoderma, guarana, tea tree oil, aloe vera, white tea, apple cider vinegar, and many other sources. Some of the most sought nutrients within food supplements include iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin A,B,C,D,E, & K, fiber, omega-3, fatty acids, folic acid and biotin.

Supplements are especially popular because they are used to prevent and help battle common ailments. They are also known to provide solutions to many chronic diseases. For example, white tea is good as an antioxidant which helps improve the body’s immunity system which in turn helps to fight and keep off many body ailments. It is important to realize that food supplements are not medicines, they are not drugs that are supposed to cure. Food supplements are simply foods rich in nutrients necessary to combat the ailments by providing the body defense mechanisms with what they need.

Some food supplements are not necessarily taken up so as to improve the health in relation to avoiding disease. Some are just taken to improve the natural physique or performance of the body. For example, a supplement such as whey protein is usually taken by individuals who want to build up more muscle. This could be done by sportsmen or people who just want to have a better looking physique. There are also other supplements that are taken to enhance performances such as improving the sexual drive and performance. An example of such a supplement is the horny goat weed.

The effects of many supplements are not instant, especially supplements that are taken to improve health in relation to combating disease or other health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. It usually takes consistent intake of food supplements for the body to respond.

Many food supplements are being packed into powders, capsules, and pills. This helps to provide them in concentrated doses where they can also be mixed with other nutrients.

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